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Jan 26 2012

Automated reporting - a new look!

by Jens

We have just rolled out a new look on the automated reports available to our Enterprise clients. Below is an example from our test database, showing off the Currency Tactical strategy. 

This should look good on the majority of mail clients, including mobile devices such as the iPad. The below image is snapped on a MAC OSX Lion native mail client.

Since the last blog post in November we have worked on a lot of enhancements to the Tungsten system - look out for more posts going through some of these exciting new features.

As always more to come.


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Nov 23 2011

Risk Forecasting

by Jens

We have written a paper on the Tungsten risk forecasting models. The paper walk through the various implementations in Tungsten. We cover the advantages and disadvantages of each model and discuss which method works best depending on application and the portfolio composition.

In future posts we will cover stress and scenario analysis and explain how you can use this together with your risk forecasting to better get to grips with the dynamics of your portfolio's.

In today's challenging markets with crisis after crisis, navigating the treacherous seas without a Lodestar will make your journey so much harder, so make sure you have all the tools at your disposal before you set off on your challenge. 

Good luck out there!

Lodestar Team

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