Tungsten Risk Management

Today, it is imperative to have a solid risk management platform to manage your risk, Tungsten delivers what others only promise.

Why spend millions of dollars and years of development on risk software when we can deliver a complete solution for a fraction of the cost?

Lodestar Risk Management provides an comprehensive risk management solution for the alternative investment industry.

Our software package - code named Tungsten - gives you all the tools needed to manage risk for a multi asset portfolio. Whether you are just looking for automated risk reports, or a comprehensive software package to slice and dice your risk data, the Tungsten package is your solution.

Our software is installed at asset managers in all corners of the world, let us be your solution.

Our Services:

We offer our services either as an installed product or hosted, therefore we can serve a small start up fund or a large organization. Our product is tightly integrated with the Eze Software Group's Tradar PMS accounting platform. We also offer an SDK to our powerful Value At Risk engine.

With over forty years combined experience writing software for the financial industry combined with best of breed risk management practices, we are the risk solution for you.

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